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About Us

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

- Albert Einstein

The world is big and vast, but shrinking as each year passes by. Every new piece of technology brings us closer together, and each season sees new travelers broadening their horizons as they venture into new land and new territory.

At Real World Chinese we have recognized the desire for the world to see and experience China, and have created several unique programs to allow people to achieve their dream of learning Chinese and experiencing the many ancient wonders of China.

Our programs are founded on two central beliefs; the first is that language is symbiotic, meaning that it needs life in order to exist. Language is nothing if it is confined to the pages of a textbook; it needs to be taken out for a stroll and shown the world. The second belief is that only through practice will your language skills sharpen. It is not enough to sit in a class and recite the five forms of a verb, or memorize a list of vocabulary words; you must use your knowledge on a daily basis – in the real world.

That’s where Real World Chinese comes in. We offer the opportunity to learn Chinese at the top universities and schools, and help transfer your core classroom knowledge to your real life by providing electives, language exchange partners, social activities, study adventures, and even private tutorials. Our unique methodology will immerse you into a Chinese world and will inject Chinese into your blood. Before you know it, you will be thinking, talking, and dreaming in Chinese. It’s all part of the symbiotic experience.

Our global staff is highly motivated and makes an extraordinary effort to offer the best service before, during as well as after your program. In our central office in Beijing we will take care of all the paperwork and administrative tasks, such as confirmation letters necessary to obtain a student Visa or help with credit transfer. At the different locations where we offer our programs our local staff members will make sure that our students are satisfied, offering ongoing support and advice, and of course arranging the many free time activates that makes the our programs so special.

Two things are for certain. The first is that you will enjoy an experience like never before, and will find if difficult to leave when the time arrives. The second is that you will never be alone. We will take care of you - absolutely, totally, completely. Every step of the way. All you have to do is have fun exploring China and its rich culture while making new friends and learning the local language!

Call us now to get started on your real world education.


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