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InterGlobal Insurance





RWC provides StudentCare insurance for all Total program participants. This policy provides cover for study abroad participants in the RWC program under the age of 64 studying outside of their home country. Please read the following information carefully, make sure you understand it, and verify that it meets your needs.

For peace of mind, RWC's programs offer travel and medical insurance.

Key Features

Convenient Payment

RWC will purchase "StudentCare" insurance for all Total Program participants, so you can avoid additional paperwork.

Medical Care

The "StudentCare" plan ensures you are covered for inpatient, outpatient and day care treatment in your country of study. If you suddenly fall ill, or find yourself in hospital, you don't have to worry about paying for expensive treatments and can focus on getting well again.

Medical Evacuation Cover

In extreme circumstances you may need to be evacuated for treatment outside of China or removed for health reasons. "StudentCare" Insurance will help if this situation arises by taking care of the costly expenses involved, thus reducing the need to worry about treatment expenses.

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

InterGlobal has appointed First Assistance to administer all emergency assistance services and benefits of this Insurance. You may contact First Assistance in an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The contact number for China is (86) 800 640 0007.

Travel Insurance

As a study abroad student you have specialized needs. With these needs in mind, the "StudentCare" plan includes travel insurance, so you do not have to purchase two separate policies.

Loss of Tuition Fees

Often it is not just the medical costs you have to worry about when you fall ill. The "StudentCare" plan also covers you for your tuition fees if, due to unforeseen circumstances, you have to terminate your studies.

The InterGlobal StudentCare Policy is underwritten by International Health Insurance Denmark a/s, a Standard & Poor's Api-rated International Insurer.

The Standard & Poor's rating System is as follows:

AAA or AAApi Extremely Strong

AA or AApi Very Strong

A or Api Strong

BBB or BBBpi

BB or BBpi Marginal

B or Bpi Weak

CCC or CCCpi Very Weak

CC or CCpi Extremely Weak

R Regulatory Action

Good NR Not Rated

*pi = public information

The ratings from AA to CCC may be modified by the addition of Plus (+) or Minus (-) signs to show relative standing within the major rating categories. Supported by these outstanding underwriters independently rated by Standard & Poors, You can be assured of the highest degree of financial stability when making a claim under InterGlobal's StudentCare Policy. This policy is subject to English Law.

InterGlobal Limited Student Policy Wording The InterGlobal "StudentCare" plan is in two parts:

Part 1

A Certificate of Insurance signed by the person authorised by the Underwriters to do so. This Certificate of Insurance provides the details applicable to your particular insurance policy. The insurance policy is valid when the premium has been paid.

Part 2

For ease of reference this policy booklet consists of separate sections. The terms of your insurance policy are set out in this booklet. Some words and/or phrases used within this policy have been given special meanings.

Type of Coverage

InterGlobal provides two levels of coverage depending on the amount of protection you require. These are the InterGlobal "StudentCare" and "StudentCare Plus". (All Total Program participants are automatically provided with "StudentCare" unless they specifically request the "StudentCare Plus" plan, and are required to pay the upgrade "StudentCare Plus" fees). The benefits payable and the limits that apply are detailed in each section of the Insurance that is in effect.

The InterGlobal "StudentCare" policy provides:

1.Medical and Dental, Hospital and Ancillary Benefits

2.Emergency Assistance, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Funeral Benefits and Family Assistance

3.Advance Payments, Loss of Tuition Fees

4.Personal Belongings

5.Accidental Death or Permanent Disability

6.Personal Liability

7.Travel Insurance

If you have selected the InterGlobal "StudentCare" policy, co-insurance and benefit limitations have been applied to Sections 1 and 7. In addition, Section 7 does not include any non-medical travel benefits.

Commencement and Period of Coverage

1. Your insurance is only valid after you have payed the premium. (The premium is included in every GCE Total Program fee and will be automatically paid by GCE upon receipt of the total program cost based upon housing and other options.)

2. You are insured for the period indicated on your Certificate of Insurance.

3. For Section 3 - Advance Payments and Loss of Tuition Fees, coverage begins on the date your premium is paid. For section 7 - your journey to your intended Country of Study to commence study.

4. Coverage for all other sections begins when you arrive in your country of study.

5. All coverage ceases when you permanently depart from your country of study with the exception of the 30 days Travel Insurance Benefits applicable to your chosen plan, which expires on your arrival at your home country, or the expiry date shown on Your Certificate of Insurance, whichever first occurs.

Important Matters

This section tells you about the rights and responsibilities which you and InterGlobal have under this Insurance policy.

1. Protection of Your Personal Information

All personal information provided to InterGlobal will not be released or made available to any other person unless InterGlobal is required by law to do so or where you have agreed to the information's release. When you apply for this Insurance, or authorize an organization to apply on your behalf, you agree, in the case of any claim, to allow Interglobal to provide details of your coverage or to obtain details from any healthcare provider in order to process your claim.

2. Limits of Liability

(i) The limit of Interglobal liability for any claim under this Insurance is the amount stated in each section of the policy description and schedule of benefits.

(ii) Where there are dependants, the limit for any one family member shall be the limit provided under the Plan for that section.

3. Premium Refunds

You can apply in writing if you have not claimed or intend to make a claim for a pro-rata refund of your unexpired premium, less a £ 15/€/$25 administration fee if:

(i) You paid your premium and did not come to arrive in your country of study.

(ii) Your Student Visa was not extended.

(iii) You returned to your country of origin before the end of your approved stay for reasons outside of your control.

(iv) You have been granted permanent residence status and are no longer living in your country of study as an Expatriate.

4. You must help Us recover any money We have paid

If InterGlobal has a claim against someone regarding the money Interglobal has paid under your policy, InterGlobal reserves the right to commence or take legal proceedings in your name, for the defence or settlement of any claim, or to prosecute or to sue any other party to recover any monies payable by them according to the law. You will be required do everything possible to assist InterGlobal during the course of any such set of legal proceedings.

5. You must not admit fault or liability

In relation to any claim under this Insurance You must not admit that you are at fault, you must not offer or promise to pay any money or become involved in litigation without our approval.

6. Claims are payable in Sterling£/Euro€/US$ to you

InterGlobal will pay all claims in Sterling £/Euro€/US$. InterGlobal will pay you unless you tell InterGlobal to pay someone else or direct settlement has been arranged with the medical provider.

7. If you can claim from anyone else, InterGlobal will only make up the difference

If you can make a claim against someone in relation to a loss or expense covered under your policy and you don't get paid the full amount of your claim, InterGlobal will make up the difference. You must claim from them first.

8. Change of Personal Details

You must notify InterGlobal immediately as soon as your personal details change. Most importantly if you change the school which was first noted on your insurance application form. If you do not inform InterGlobal of the change in school details, InterGlobal has the right to decline any claim.

9. Non Disclosure

If you fail to comply with your duty of disclosure, InterGlobal may be entitled to reduce InterGlobal's liability under the policy with respect to a claim, or may cancel the policy. If your non-disclosure is fraudulent, InterGlobal may also have the option to void the policy from commencement date.

10. 24 Hour Emergency Assistance

InterGlobal has appointed First Assistance to administer all emergency assistance services and benefits of this insurance policy. You may contact First Assistance in an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that no admission of liability is made or intended by the provision of assistance to you by First Assistance in circumstances where no coverage is available under this Insurance. First Assistance Numbers (toll free) are provided below:

New Zealand 0800 188 100
Japan 00531 642 084
Thailand + 800 647 355
Hong Kong + 800 900 190
Malaysia + 800 802 157
Indonesia + 180 364 17375
China + 800 640 0007
Singapore + 800 641 1123
Australia + 800 147 528

(+) = International dialing code

Call collect from elsewhere in the world:
+64 9 356 1648
Fax +64 9 525 1278

Making a Claim

In the event you need to make a claim, you must:

(i) Immediately contact First Assistance or InterGlobal Ltd who will provide a claim form and information or directions regarding the settlement of your claim.
(ii) Provide all information and details that InterGlobal may reasonably require. Original receipts are required for medical and hospital claims as well as any additional medical information that InterGlobal may require for cancellation and additional expense claims.
(iii) Regarding all personal liability claims, please request that the claim against you be put in writing. You must not make any offer promising payment without our approval.

Telephone: +64 9 309 2119

Fax: +64 9 309 4119
E-Mail: enquiries@studentcare.biz
Website: http://www.studentcare.biz/

Write to:
InterGlobal Limited
Level 14, Oracle Tower
56 Wakefield Street
PO Box 8672
Symonds Street
Auckland, New Zealand

Download Claim Form

If you would like to make a claim click here to download a printable PDF form.

Payment of Claims

(i) InterGlobal will process your claim after receiving a completed claim form and all original receipts. If InterGlobal requires additional information, a written request will be sent to you or your doctors or the medical provider.

(ii) All claims will be paid by cheque and sent to your postal address or by electronic transfer to your nominated bank account.

(iii) We are under no obligation to settle your claim unless you provide the documentation InterGlobal consider relevant.

Complaints Procedure

InterGlobal Ltd will always try to provide a high standard of service, however, if you do have a complaint or an enquiry concerning your insurance policy, please send the relevant complaint in writing to the following address:

The Managing Director

InterGlobal Ltd

Level 14, Oracle Tower

56 Wakefield Street

PO Box 8672, Symonds Street

Auckland, New Zealand


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